Outdoor advertising is an increasingly relevant and effective communication channel to reach broad audiences. Established in 2002, PT Supra Media Nusantara is a fast growing outdoor advertising company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Although the main office is at Jakarta, our sites have spread across major cities in Indonesia; Jakarta, Bogor, Cilegon, Serang, Bekasi, Pontianak, Makassar, Surabaya and Padang. Our product range includes; billboard, videotron, neonbox, and other alternative media.

Despite its relatively young age in the industry, PT Supra Media Nusantara managed to acquire clients from top multinational companies and successfully maintain good relationship with them up to the present day through our after sales commitment in keeping customer's satisfaction as first priority.

Supported by young professionals, PT Supra Media Nusantara evolve accordingly to market trend and customer's demand in order to provide access to the most sought after and visible sites in the country. PT Supra Media Nusantara is always consistent in generating innovative ideas, positioning itself as a reliable partner in supporting client's promotional activities.


To Be The Best Outdoor Media Solutions Provider


- To expand operational network by providing the best premium sites for our clients

- To develop human resources to support the growth of company

- To give maximum benefits for all stakeholders

- To be concern on environmental harmony

- To develop product quality hence keeping up with international standards and global competition

- Videotron

Located on premium locations, videotron is a form of digital visual advertising with its ability to display moving images, thus brand campaign can look more attractive and can be customized to your liking. As digital visual advertising, media content can change faster to keep up to date

- Billboard

Located on the main streets in big cities and positioned at strategic points with high traffic density, such as crossroads, bends and highways. Very useful to increase brand awareness, market penetration, and as well as to show the achievement and dominance of your brand in the area with very large audience exposure. Size: starting from 32 M2

- Building Wrapping

Building wrapping provides a wide range of creativity media as well as gives a spectacular advertising display results. Applied to the walls of the building located in strategic locations such as at CBD area. An excellent outdoor media alternative for areas where regulation to produce billboard is not possible

- Neonbox

Neonbox is for more specific and targeted group of audiences, at night the media is lit as a whole to illuminate the visualization of the brand listed




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